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About Euromed
Why do we think the therapy works?
Shea’s first therapy trip
Adeli Suit
Therapy is working
Shea’s third therapy trip
Shea’s fourth therapy trip
Shea’s fifth therapy trip
Operation to loosen leg muscles
Shea’s sixth therapy trip
What now?

Euromed Therapy

After attending the Euromed Centre in Poland for 4 years we decided due to changes at Euromed we could no longer send Shea there for therapy. We would like to point out that this kind of therapy has been fantastic for Shea so we are actively looking elsewhere for new centres.

About Euromed
Euromed specialise in treating people of all ages who have brain or spinal damage. They are the leaders in this type of rehabilitation therapy. This therapy costs £5000 per four week session plus expenses.

It is recommended that Shea attend at least two of these sessions per year to give him the maximum benefit.

We found out about EUROMED and their special ‘Spacesuit’ and related therapy on the internet. It is specifically aimed at adults and children with Cerebral Palsy. They are based in Poland and they have developed the suit from the original Russian one which was made for strengthening cosmonaut’s muscles in space.

The suit is used in conjunction with other therapies to strengthen muscles and help the uninjured parts of the brain take over some of the brain injured areas.

Euromed  are the world leaders in this form of therapy and the results can be astounding. Shea’s  physical strength, posture and walking have improved amazingly from just two visits totalling six weeks.

Euromed website:

Why do we think the therapy works?
Shea has already had two visits to Euromed and it has improved his physical capabilities to the extent that he can now walk (aided by rollator and some adult support) approx 25m as opposed to 15 - 20ft before he went ! He also can now sit unaided which has made a vast improvement to his life. The ultimate aim of this therapy is to for Shea to walk independently albeit with an aid.

Shea’s first therapy trip
Euromed, Mielno, Poland April 2005

Shea’s therapy achieved more than we had hoped. Sometimes it was very painful for him but he always carried on.

He has a 300% improvement in measured leg strength (started leg exercises with a 0.5 kilo weight  during the last few days using a 2 kilo weight). The muscle strength gain has enabled him to be steadier on his feet and has significantly reduced the ‘scissoring’ (crossing ) of his legs when sitting or trying to walk.

Sitting and posture has improved by approx 25% . Shea has a weakness on his right side these figures improved from 47% (least use) 67% max use to 57% and 89% over a half hour period. Buttock strength had approx 30% improvement for muscle use.

Shea’s right arm and wrist which he could not hold straight for any length of time has improved to the extent that he has achieved four point kneeling (arms ,knees ) for 2 minutes (as opposed to being totally unable to do this) and holding on to a walking rollator with perfect grip.

In the last few days he was able to stand against a wall holding his own weight with minimal help for two minutes or so and doing the same with crutches (again he could not do this before).

Shea’s walking with a rollator  has improved due to the leg and arm strength gains so much so that he walks three times the distance he used to approx 25 metres and his walking has gone from very unsteady to steady steps.


The therapy started with half an hour non stop of  the ‘Spider’ which included exercises as knee raises, squats, lifting his knees and turning them out white standing on one leg. Kneeling and then getting to a standing position.

The Spider

Half hour non stop, using weights which were attached to pulleys.

These exercises build up thigh and buttock strength. (buttock strength being essential for walking).

UGL Terapy

Two hours in total. First he was massaged head to foot. Then put in the suit. He then had various stretching exercises followed by sit ups, press ups, leg raises, then walking.

The suit not only keeps the body in posture the elastic straps tension adds ‘bodyweight’ in Shea’s case approx thirteen pounds extra that he had to carry around. He also had to walk with extra weights attached to his ankles.

The Adeli Suit

Adeli suit website:

Therapy is working

Shea’s first time on crutches

This video is the second attempt in  5 minutes…he managed 2 minutes the first time…before his therapy he could only do a maximum time of  15 seconds! Press PLAY to start.

Shea’s improvement in hand grip


Half hour of posture, electronic devices attached to Shea’s back and legs . These measured whether Shea was sitting straight and using the correct muscles. Output was on a computer screen in front of Shea . A vertical bar moved left or right depending on whether Shea sat to the left or right. Shea could adjust his posture and tension the correct muscles by looking at the coloured bars appearing on the screen (blue, yellow) were correct muscles (red ) incorrect.

Bio Feedback

Half hour of buttock exercise electronic devices attached to Shea’s buttocks and legs. These measured whether Shea was using the correct muscles when pushing his heel upwards.

Twenty minutes wearing shoes that send an electronic pulse through the feet to the brain.

Half an hour  strapped to a standing frame which kept the legs straight.

Three minutes oxygen boost and fifteen minutes of heat packs on the body warming up the muscles for the main work in the Adeli suit.

Shea’s third therapy trip
Euromed, Mielno, Poland April 2006

We have returned in April from our third trip to Poland. Shea can now walk with for about 30mtres this takes him 15mins with assistance but without a walking aid and taking his own weight . His standing has improved so much he was able to have a picture taken with his brothers (see pic below) and able to stand with me in a Polish museum.

A special mention to 'Bogie' Shea's interpreter who helps Shea through the sometimes painful exercises that Shea has to do and without his help Shea would probably give up some days. (see pic of Bogie in sunglasess with Shea below).

Shea with Dad   Adeli Suit therapy   Shea with brothers   'Bogie' with Shea

August 2006
Shea's fourth visit to Euromed.

April 2007
Shea's fifth visit to Euromed.

June 2007
Despite all the therapy Shea has had, due to growth spurts Shea has needed an operation to loosen his hamstrings and on the muscles at the top of his legs. This operation has been a great success. Shea's posture and standing/strength and walking have been hugely improved. This operation was done by Dr Gough at St Thomas's Hospital London who talked us through our initial reluctance to have this kind of surgey. The surgery combined with the visits to Euromed hopefully will enable Shea to have the great results that we had in our first few visits.

August 2007
Shea's sixth visit to Euromed.

What now?
Although  we have no answers for Shea we do have hope. The therapy Euromed provide strengthen muscles and help the uninjured parts of the brain take over some of the brain injured areas.

Please donate, with their help and yours we really think Shea could be that kid jumping in puddles not the one in the wheelchair just looking on...